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How to Get a Girl’s Number

How to get girls numbers is a question that plagues many guys. They have difficulty approaching a strange girl, striking up a conversation and walking away with her number in hand.

The main reason for this problem stems from a lack of confidence around women. Often simply acting like a girl should give you her number and might be missing out if she doesn’t is the main part of getting this done effectively. This is not login about being “cocky,” though. It is about showing the girl who you are approaching to get her number that you are safe, self-confident, engaged and fun to be around.

To start, it’s important to understand sexual tension. This that flirty feeling of attraction a girl will feel around certain men.

Now…there are a number of ways to get a girl’s number as quickly as within a few minutes. Many of these AdultFrinendFinder important characteristics are displayed by the way you carry yourself when you approach the girl, what you say, your body language while you talk to her and if you are able to project an “aura” of fun and safety.

Analyze the girl who’s number you want to get. What is she doing? Where is she AdultFriendrFinder? Is she with friends? Does she look bored? Does she look happy?

These are all the things that you will use to seed your conversation. If she is waiting in a long line looking bored with a lot of purchases. You could begin to talk to her about the line, what she bought, how horrible it is to wait even something amusing about someone farther ahead in the line. Analyzing should be quick, it is just about being aware of all the situation surrounding the girl to supply yourself with some quick topics to use talking to her later.

Visualize yourself already confidently talking to her as you approach her. Not being hesitant or timid when you approach the girl is essential. Make sure you visualize achieving success and approach as confidently as possible.

Confidence is the key with women. As you get more experience confidence will come easier. As you approach try to make eye contact with the girl. If she looks your way smile at her while you approach. Keep your back strait and walk to her as if you know you will be successful. If you act successful you will be successful.

Use an opener rather than an opening line The purpose of an opening line is simply to break the ice AdultFrienedFinder login . That part of an opening line is good. But the part where you seem sleazy and put her “on guard” are not good things.

Rather than an opening line try an opener. This can be as lame as asking about the weather. Boooorrrrrrriiiinnngggg But try for more originality. If she looks at login sad or angry bring that up AdultFrienedFinder immediately and then try to make it your job to make her laugh or lighten up. If she is reading a book, ask her about it. Just use natural conversation and get her talking. It is all about getting her lips moving, putting a smile on her face and making conversation with the girl.

If you want her number make her comfortable with you. A girl is not going to give her login number to you if you thinks you are going to axe-murder her. Use body language to convey that you mean her no harm. Smile at her. Make eye contact. Never leer or ogle her. Try your best to make her feel good.

One easy way of doing this is by being an active listener. Prompt her with penetrating reviews questions. Really listen to what she is saying and join in the conversation. Ask a lot more than uh huh.

Try to use many of the subtle techniques that create sexual tension and attraction while talking to women.

Another important part of making her comfortable is bringing a quick feeling of familiarity. Soon after you start talking to her ask her what her name is. Then address her by her name a few times in conversation. “Yes, Stella, but…” “Wow, Stella I had never thought of that…“ …You get the idea.

It is a proven psychological trigger that using a girls name in conversation will make them feel closer, safer and more familiar with you quickly.

Look for the signs of attraction from the girl. While you are having this conversation look for the signs that the girl is attracted to you. Often a girl will give you subtle signs that she is interested. Once you see these it may be time to ask for the girls number.

Don’t be half-assed Asking for the number is your last chance to display your confidence and charisma. Be confident in asking for the number. Don’t beat around the bush or waver. Tell her you want her number and say it in a way that assumes the deal is done.

“Would you like to give me your number and go out sometime” and “I would like to call you, can you give me your number“ quite frankly suck. If the girl is interested, they might work, but they do not give you your best shot at success.

You are a man; so act like one. Girls do not want some effete “girly-man” too scared of his own shadow to ask for a number. Be bold. Be Strong. Be a man.

Try something like this. “I have really enjoyed this conversation. You are someone I feel very comfortable around. Give me your number so I can call you.” Assume the deal is done. Assume she will want to give you her number and she often will.

Be confident and bold trying to get her number but if she says no accept it. More than once i have had a girl say no. I have moved along, talked more to her later, started to notice some of the signs of attractions and come up with a “are you sure you don’t want to give me your number” only to have the girl then decide she wanted to.

Pushing too hard after a no or coming off whiny or begging will only make the girl “know” she was right not to give it to you. Simply thanking her for talking to you anyway and telling her you really enjoyed the conversation and leaving will make her second guess her decision.

If you are turned down, accept it with class and dignity and you never know, the opportunity may present itself again.

Remember, the secret of how to get a girls number revolves more around YOU, your attitude and your confidence than it does around here. These steps are not hard to follow, but they can make all the difference in the world for attracting women. If all goes well with getting the girls number (as it should) make sure to impress her on the phone, to further her attraction.